How to run multiple terminal commands in one line in Ubuntu / Linux?

Writing multiple commands together is known as Command Chaining, in this article I will show you different methods to combine multiple commands on terminal / shell.

Using Semicolon (;)

If you combine multiple commands using semicolon (;) operator, commands will execute even if the previous command in chain succeeds or fails.

In following example command2 will execute regardless of the command1’s success.


Here is a more practical example.

ping -c 3; whoami; pwd

Above chain of commands will:

  • ping: ping 3 times.
  • whoami: print user name of currently logged in user.
  • pwd: print current working directory.

Using AND Operator (&&)

Chaining multiple commands using AND (&&) operator will execute the command only and only if preceding command executes successfully.

command2 from following snippet will only execute if command1 runs successfully.

command1 && command2

From following listing the cd newDirectory command will only execute if mkdir newDirectory command was successful.

mkdir newDirectory && cd newDirectory

Using OR Operator (||)

Using OR ( ) operator makes sure that the following command executes only and only if preceding command fails.

command2 from following snippet will only execute if command1 fails to execute.

command1 || command2

From following example the echo command will only execute if ping command fails which means you are facing internet connectivity issue.

ping -c 3  || echo "You are not connected to internet"

Using NOT Operator (!)

You can use NOT (!) operator to exclude some results, following is an example command to delete all files in a directory except with .text extension.

Important Note: if you are trying this example, please do it in a practice / temporary directory to avoid deletion of actual / important work files.

rm -r !(*.text)

Combining AND (&&) and OR (||) operators

You can combine AND (&&) and OR (||)operators to simulate if ... elsescenario, let’s rewrite the *OR ( ) operator* example to print both SUCCESS and FAILURE message for internet connectivity check.
ping -c 3 google.com1 && echo "Your internet connection is OK"  || echo "You are not connected to internet"

That’s it, hope you enjoyed it. This was part one of using operators on linux command line shell /terminal, in next part of this article I will show more operators to enhance your productivity while working with linux shell commands. You like this article, have some questions or suggestions please let us know in the comments section.

Thanks and Happy Learning!

Shoket Mahmood Ahmed

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